Gear for CrossFit

Bryan Kapustinski
December 3, 2020

Like any activity/sport/exercise protocol CrossFit has some gear that will make to process of a healthy lifestyle a bit easier.

Footwear - A decent pair of CrossFit appropriate shoes is a must have. I know your running shoes are super comfy and they have great "arch support", but they will not help you stay connected to the ground when doing functional movements like squats, deadlifts, etc (we do some form of squat or deadlift everyday). If you have ever tried to climb the rope with your running shoes you probably destroyed them and need a new pair now anyway. I have no stake in any of the major footwear brands, so all the information here is based on my personal opinion/experience.

Go Ruck -

Reebok Nano -

Nike Metcon -

No Bull -

A few more key items to have if you're going to make CrossFit a regular part of your life:

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